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11.09.2010 § 0

KC. During the seldom times I manage to catch a conversation with my Toronto friends, they always seem to mention one thing: "Katherine, you never update your blogs anymore!"

I will admit - I don't update as frequently anymore on either of the blogs. AHH SORRY! Forgive me please. Whenever I look at my Lightroom archive, the number of pictures waiting to be edited, resized, cropped, uploaded and captioned, is not pleasant at all. I do not feel overjoyed and want to run around in the bright green pastures found in The Sound of Music. Instead I feel dread and guilt overcoming me. At the moment, I have 999 photos on just FOOD alone, categorized into 60 folders, all taken within the 2 months I've been here in Taipei. Then again, I took over 400 photos at the Flora Expo Concert and probably 100 on Jay Chou alone. Yes, I am freaky. Leave now if you are scared.

This week and the next week are midterm weeks, hence JC and I will be busy studying last-minute during this time. Then we're going to stay overnight at Jiufen 九份 next weekend. But I decided if I really want to blog all the pictures I've taken, I will need to start putting some time aside every week to simply blog. Otherwise, it'll take me until the year 2050 to finish blogging my Taiwan exchange. And at that time, I'll be too old to be starring at the computer screen for more than 10 minutes.

SO... I'll have you guys know that my Lightroom archive truly does haunt my dreams at night (and frequently too), we're still alive, and we'll update at least once a week from on :)

I'll end this post with some pictures to let you know what we're learning in Chinese class.

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