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11.03.2010 § 0

JC~Frankly speaking, as a tourist in any Asian country you will definitely see three things: 1.) Asians, 2.) Misappropriated English, and 3.)Terribly Translated English. For tourists finding these hilarious translations has turned into a kind of bizarre scavenger hunt. Engrish is menus, slogans, t-shirts, shops, and signs. Essentially anywhere that has printed text you can find a potential Engrish GEM. THE WORLD IS YOUR PLAYGROUND.  

Although admittedly I don't go around looking for misappropriated, mistranslated English hilarity I wanted to share a few choice gems I've found with you. I hope you laugh, smile or at least smirk and enjoy. 

Obama, Mandela, and Pele Coffee. Respectively American Roast, African Roast, and Brazilian Roast. Pele was the most popular.

Black Person Toothpaste

Not to be outdone....White Person Mouthwash!!


All I could think was "FUCK YOU LOVE" D=<
There are two things in the world that can't be joked: Marriage and Potato.


PS There was also a clothing tag that read "Fuck to Wash", but I can't seem to find that photo. =( Despair abounds.


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