Mr. Qute - Jay Chou's dessert place.

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KC. I am a big Jay Chou fan. And I love desserts. Then it's not a surprise that one of the first dessert places I would try in Taipei would be Mr. Qute!

Located in the 東區 area (basically the expensive area of Taipei), Mr. Qute is located right next to Jay Chou's French-Italian restaurant, Mr. J.

A small place shop with 3-4 booths. And a transparent glass kitchen. And this interesting wall.

Mr. Qute and Mr. J also share the same menu. But JC and I were there that night for one thing only - dessert!

Unfortunately, we arrived rather late (10 ish?) so there were only a few fruit tarts left to choose from.

We decided to have a blueberry tart and a peach tart.

JC's blueberry tart - I love the chocolate syrup + liquid sugar design. So cute!

Beneath the outer layer of blueberries lies a mountain of custard on top of a crust that was a bit too hard.

I went with the sweet peach tart. The "stick" dipped in sugar is actually edible (we asked the waiter just to be sure) but it looked and tasted more like a twig with sugar.

Beside each fruit tart was a small pile of fruits - red and green grapes, strawberry, orange and grapefruit. Most of which these fruits are not in season, hence they were sour (especially the strawberry and grapefruit).

But the peach part itself was not bad. I liked the hazelnut mousse at the bottom.

It satisfied our sweet tooth craving, but it wasn't as good as it looked. The bottom crust was too hard and the fruits used weren't in season so they turned out to be sour. In the end, the tarts were OK, but not crave-worthy nor omg-wow-this-is-so-good-semi-colon-i-can't-stop-eating-it.

For more pictures, information on how to get there, and prices, check out their website below!

Mr. Qute, Patisserie Specialty Shop
LOCATION: No. 45, Ln. 308, Guangfu S. Rd., Da-an District, Taipei City
PHONE NUMBER: +886-2-27214769
PRICE: ~$200 NT inc. tips/fruit tart (~$6.67 CAD)

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